Basil Bicycle Crate L | 40L Black


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Basil Bicycle Crate L | 40L Black

The Basil Bicycle Crate L | 40L Black is a black bicycle crate for women`s or men`s bicycles. The crate is made of sustainable material and has a capacity of 40 liters.

Safely on the go
No more heavy shopping bags on your handlebars or school bags on your back. With the trendy Basil bicycle crate, you safely carry your luggage. The L crate is a large size. The crate features a contrasting crate clip to make your bike stand out. Handy in crowded bicycle parking lots. Just snap the clip onto the crate at any point, and you’re good to go!

Sustainable choice
With the bicycle crate from Basil, you make a sustainable choice. The crate is made of post-consumer waste, also called regranulate. The recycled plastic also makes the crate extra strong. Did you know that the production takes place in the Netherlands? So better for the environment!

Easy and quick to mount
The crate can be mounted in several ways. For fixed mounting, you can use the Basil Crate mounting set. Do you want to take the crate with you, for example because you have groceries of because your crate would otherwise be stolen? Then choose to mount it with an adapter plate like the MIK system. MIK = click & GO! You can buy the mounting system separately.

We thought of you
That’s why the Basil bicycle crate offers:

  • A capacity of 40 litres; hence your heavy shopping or school bag no longer needs to hang on the handlebars.
  • Sturdy construction, so you can safely carry all your stuff.
  • A multifunctional bottom, so you can attach adapter plates from, for example, MIK, Racktime, I-Rack, MonkeyLoad, or Atran Velo. Depending on your bike carrier.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 2.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions 55 × 45 × 30 cm



Recycled synthetic

Content (L)



Crate mounting set or MIK adapter plate





Position on the bicycle

Front and/or rear




Removable by means of MIK system

Carrying capacity

Depends on max. allowed weight capacity of carrier


2 years


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