Harrows Pro Brass Steel Tip Darts | 3pc


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Harrows Pro Brass Steel Tip Darts | 3pc

These precision brass plated steel darts are complete with quality flights and shafts. They are the perfect introduction to the sport of darts. Having learned the basics, you may consider buying a more technically advanced set of darts.

What is the best material for a beginner?
Brass played darts are best to start with. You can try other materials, such as tungsten, later.

What is the difference between tungsten and brass?
Tungsten is twice as dense/heavy. Barrels made of tungsten will therefore be half the size.

Why are darts made from different percentages of tungsten?
The higher the percentage, the slimmer the dart will be, this increases higher scoring chances. A 90% will be slimmer than an 80%.

Why do shafts come in different lengths?
The weight and length of the shaft will influence how the dart performs in flight.

Why do flights come in different shapes?
Wing surface area affects the flight of the dart. A larger wing surface area is better for heavier darts.

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Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions 22 × 12 × 6 cm


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